Lake Tahoe・スキー&スノーボード旅行


With school behind us, most of the Haas students use the winter break to do some traveling. A lot of us take this opportunity to see more of California, of other parts of the USA, or even other countries.

For me winter break is the best time to catch some snow! In Tokyo, I would go several times a year to the Japanese Alps for skiing. Here in Berkeley, I was happy to learn that Lake Tahoe, one of the world’s most famous ski resorts, is only 3 hours away.

So right after we finished finals we got in the car and drove up to the mountains. We skied for four days and enjoyed local food and drinks. Skiing in North America is quite different than Japan – the altitude is higher so we had to take a Gondola (closed lift) from the town up to the mountain. We also had to learn the different color system for marking the difficulty of each run.

Altogether we had a great time skiing, the weather was beautiful and the snow condition was great. I can’t wait until we go again for a full class trip to the other side of Lake Tahoe in February!